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Acrylic framing is a great way to achieve a clean, contemporary, minimal look by eliminating the “traditional” picture frame. We offer two types of acrylic framing at our Fastframe stores to suit various sizes and types of artwork and documents!

For larger posters and prints, we recommend face-mounted acrylic framing. This process is non-reversible, so it is NOT appropriate for collectible, limited edition, or original artwork. Acrylic face mounting involves adhering the front surface of the subject to 1/4″ clear acrylic. The finished piece can then be suspended by using corner stand-off hardware (as pictured) or mounted to a rigid substrate to support a traditional wire hanger.

For smaller and more valuable pieces that require a minimal look, we recommend acrylic sandwich framing. This process is more archival and can be an acceptable way to display prints, documents, thin textiles, and even original artwork. Acrylic sandwich framing involves suspending the subject between two pieces of acrylic and holding the subject in place with an appropriate method (hinge, corner pocket, etc.). The “sandwich” can then be suspended by using corner stand-off hardware or fastened together with decorative screw buttons and supported by a keyhole hanger.

A Company You Can Rely On

Here at Fastframe of Texas, there’s nothing we love more than helping our clients preserve, celebrate, and display the important objects in their life, whether it’s an autographed album cover, a beloved piece of art, a cherished souvenir, or anything in between. These objects are worth more than just their face value—they’re memories that merit careful preservation. And we’re the perfect company to do it!

As a leading picture framer in Texas, we’ve earned a reputation for reliability, trustworthiness, and attention to detail. Our clients appreciate that they can trust us to enhance their most prized possessions using our custom acrylic framing skills and expertise. Instead of being forgotten at the bottom of a drawer or the back of a closet, your most valued belongings will be displayed proudly for you and all your visitors to see. Everyone will surely appreciate the beautifully minimal esthetic of our nontraditional, clear acrylic picture frames.

For more information and pricing, please contact us. A member of our staff will be glad to help.

With many years of experience under our belts, we know everything there is to know about both alternative and traditional picture framing. Our professionals can’t wait to put our skills to work to create a stunning new decorative piece for your home or workplace. Call now to get the process started with your favorite picture framer in Texas and beyond.

NOTE: When considering framing options, remember that only traditional framing is recommended when preservation and archival protection is the first priority. Even the most archival acrylic framing options are not comparable to the highest preservation levels possible with traditional framing.

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