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stretched canvasIf you want to preserve your canvas artwork, whether painted or printed, it needs to be professionally stretched. Canvas stretching pulls canvas artwork across a frame so that it is held tight, ensuring that it does not wrinkle or sag over time. At FASTFRAME, we are pleased to offer canvas stretching services to help you preserve your artwork for many years to come.

Properly stretched canvas artwork is beautiful when showcased in a home. A stretched canvas is versatile, as it can be displayed with or without a frame. Add a frame for more protection from UV rays or to create a specific statement, or simply display without one for a stunning gallery look. No matter how you choose to display your art, having it stretched with the help of our framing experts will ensure that it displays well for years to come, free from wrinkles and warping.
How Stretched Canvas Service Works

Stretched Canvas

Canvas is best preserved by stretching it to ensure it is not going to wrinkle or warp. Our team will take your canvas and carefully stretch it over a custom-designed frame. By pulling the edges of the canvas tight across the stretcher bar, we can eliminate wrinkles and ensure a great look to the finished artwork. Once the piece is stretched, the edges of the canvas are stapled into place along the sides of the frame.
Types of Art That can be Stretched

Stretched Canvas

Canvas stretching works best with canvas artwork that is either painted or printed. Even if the paint on the canvas is thick, you can have it safely stretched. FASTFRAME’s professional framing team will use techniques like warming the canvas to soften the paint slightly before beginning the stretching process.

Because canvas stretching does require part of the canvas to wrap around and under the frame, the best art for this service has at least 2 inches of a border on the edges between the edge of the canvas and the end of the painting. This provides room for the stretching and stapling without impacting the overall look of the artwork.

Canvas stretching also works best with paintings that are square or rectangular. If the painting does not have square corners, it may not be able to be stretched onto the canvas frame. The paintings do not have to be a standard size, however. With our custom stretched canvas options, you can stretch canvases of almost any size imaginable.

Do you have canvas artwork you wish to preserve? Contact us to discuss your options. We are ready to help you achieve the look you want with a custom stretch canvas display for your art.

Stretched Canvas

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